The Velocity College courses are accredited by the most important person, YOU! You will decide whether it offers value and will therefore continue with the journey to acquire it. 

Do not be fooled! There are no South African colleges that can offer accredited short courses! They may hide the fact that they are not accredited, they may try to blur the lines and not be fully transparent, but accreditation does not exist for a 3 month short course, whether delivered by Velocity College or the top brand name colleges you may be aware of. If you inquire further, they will imply they are accredited, but you will see that standard certificate short courses (3 months duration) are not and cannot be accredited. However, South African governmental accreditation can be given if additional courses are taken. See below for details. 

Bullet Point If you are going to go into your own business, for example, why do you need a governmental body to accredit the knowledge you will learn for yourself and will apply in YOUR business? Especially when such a governmental body is made up of people and academics that have never started nor run a successful business themselves!
Bullet Point Secondly, more and more employers will recognise our courses as not everyone has the opportunity to obtain an education by attending a traditional school or college.
Bullet Point Thirdly, if you wish to receive a diploma that is accredited by the South African government, you can. This can be achieved by completing three short courses via Velocity College and then we will assist you to gain admission to a Johannesburg based college that can offer you an accredited 1 year National certificate (In say Project Management) or a 2 year National Diploma (In HR/Human Resources) if that is what you want. Bear in mind, the cost for that will be a lot higher than the Velocity College courses.
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